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#Ferguson signs prepped for tomorrow

People keep talking about wanting a white history month, but I don't think they were paying attention in school because I heard about the things white people did pretty much every day. Maybe that's why racists are so dumb?

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I don’t know that there’s any amount of education that could fix these people.

When a judge finally puts a cop away for use of excessive force for, say, shooting an unarmed black teenager, will that change things?

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The sad shit is, we probably couldn’t even get a jury to do this shit in our racist ass country.

✊👌 yo, we desperately need more critical thinkers who challenge status quo and dominant culture & ideology.

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Things you might find in Lauren’s purse:

Sticker from Filipino Street Art Project; learning to count in Tagalog from my parking garage attendant named Arnold; a Block the Boat flyer ✊; and a Motown Legends art reception postcard from Joyce Gordon Gallery.

The kiddos are in town!!! A great way to start the day: breakfast and crayons. They even helped me choose my outfit today. #tita #auntie #family

…Turns out I’m the one with his email. Part of me doesn’t want to invite (subject) him to the event after this scenario. #tokenism much?

I crack myself up. Peep our website for new exhibition deets: 2x2 Solos Artist, Rhonda Holberton, was highly amused with my outfit choice as she installed her work today. #gallerygirl #artnerd #curatoriallife (at Pro Arts Gallery)


I helped a little with a question about magic and bay leaves, so I thought I’d expand on the recipe I was talking about. (:


This is pork adobo, its a Filipino dish that I grew up on. For me, this stew is a source of comfort, and when I’m upset, my mom made…

Food next to insecticides. #questionable